Jasmine Flannigan
Jasmine Flannigan
08:55 28 Feb 20
Fantastic and super professional. My body feels amazing and now my husband wants to go as I raved so much. I think we will tag team our kids so we can both get amazing treatment each. Thank you. I feel like a new woman. 🤗read more
eyzoff .
eyzoff .
00:47 15 Feb 20
If your going for a float - make sure its a quiet time of day - yoga classes next door and the body hub do weights (that get dropped on the floor) don't need a degree to work out - being on the first floor - sound travels easily sounds like they are banging on the tank - very loud - pod and float experience taking away the banging next door is awesome.read more
Taryn Smith
Taryn Smith
11:22 23 Jul 19
Have had many colonics with the loveliest person ever. Thank you Renee for making my experiences so wonderful. Colonics have helped to lift my brain fog, mood, anxiety, ease bloating, constipation and digestive issues.read more
Michael Beare
Michael Beare
14:12 02 Jul 19
I have been going here from it first opened, it's so nice to have everything in one place and the team are a great bunch! Highly recommendread more
Anto Mathew
Anto Mathew
07:14 16 May 19
Friendly staff and good customer service. They make follow up regarding your appointments and try to accommodate the requests if possible. Visited here once. Parking is available and they have late and weekend appointments.read more
S Ardon
S Ardon
08:36 15 May 19
Staff are all amazing and I can’t fault them! The facilities are great and it has a very nice, warm and welcoming ambience to it.read more
Boags Stella
Boags Stella
02:39 29 Mar 19
Googled and located this "gem" of a wellness centre. I went for a remedial massage to assist with my lower back and glute tightness. The Myotherapist suggested dry needling which I had never done before. Wow. With the massage, needling and stretching my back feels released and I feel better than I have done for weeks. Well done team. Everyone very friendly and focused on their jobs and clients. Recommend a visit. I might even check out the floatation tanks.read more
Gracee Annetta
Gracee Annetta
09:18 27 Feb 19
Nerves were calmed down when I was greeted by Renee. She is extremely calming, has a beautiful smile and a very welcoming aura to her. Place is relaxing and inviting and I didn't feel rushed to leave. Looking forward to my next session.read more
Laine rico  Bamtdr1v
Laine rico Bamtdr1v
05:12 15 Sep 18
I’ve visited Your Body Hub since they started and they never let me down. Customer service and staff are always friendly and polite. I just had a great massage with Jenny. Christine has always been helpful. I love the Salt Rooms where I can relax and it also helps with my allergies. I still want to try the other services they can offer here. They’re open on weekends too which gives me more flexibility if I have a busy week. -Sherread more
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A Range of Classes for a Range of People

Enjoyment of exercise and achieving goals are a priority for our programs, we work with you to design the perfect program to suit your goals, situation, & lifestyle.

Personalised Exercise Classes - 50min

Designed and supervised by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist – our semi-private exercise classes are conducted in a 4:1 ratio with personalised programs for each individual. This ensures each client is prescribed the exercises they need to achieve their goals.

Enjoyment of exercise and achieving goals are a priority for our programs, we work with you to design the perfect program to suit your goals, situation, & lifestyle.

No matter your exercise experience, fitness level, injuries, or age these classes are perfect for you!

Examples of Programs:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Pain Reduction
  • Injury Prevention
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Cardio-Respiratory Training
  • High-Performance Training for Athletes
  • Functional Training for Seniors

These Personalised Classes require an assessment prior to commencement to develop your program.

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Personalised 4-1 Classes at Your Body Hub

Young Guns

Classes for ages 12 to 18. Programs are designed to achieve the best possible development both in life and in sport. The sessions focus on the development of strength, & power as well as key athletic skills such as speed; agility, change of direction, jumping & landing, & balance.

Supervised & designed by Exercise Physiologists for the safe long-term development of kids and adolescents, preventing injuries and increasing enjoyment of sport.

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Stability, Control, & Movement - Mat Class (8:1)

Mat-based exercise programs, focusing on increasing flexibility, control, and stability through steady structured exercises. Programs are designed and personalised by and Accredited Exercise Physiologist to each participant based on their goals, situation, & lifestyle.

No matter your exercise experience, fitness level, injuries, or age these classes are perfect for you!

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mat class your body hub

Half Hour Circuit Training & Boxing (10:1)

30-minute exercise sessions to suit every fitness level. Sessions alternate between Boxing Circuits & Strength & Conditioning Circuits. These sessions are a fun and exciting way to challenge your fitness!

Strength and conditioning circuits are designed to be completed at your preferred intensity and be completely safe no matter your exercise levels.

Boxing circuits consist of high-intensity boxing and bodyweight exercises to give you a total body workout and challenge your fitness!

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Circuit Training & Boxing

Little Legends (8:1)

Classes for ages 6 to 11. These sessions focus on the development of key skills for their age; teamwork, coordination, throwing & catching, balance, & hand/foot-eye coordination. The goal of these sessions are to increase enjoyment and participation in physical activity. Supervised & designed by Exercise Physiologists for safe long-term development. (These sessions are perfect for kids with developmental delays and conditions such as Autism).

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Performance & Injury Prevention

A class designed for those with sporting and performance goals with a focus on injury prevention and athletic skills to ensure you are able to compete at your best for longer.

Sessions consist of programs specific to your sport and promote the athletic skills needed to achieve your potential.

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Mums & Bubs Fitness (10:1)

Group circuits for mums of all abilities. With a safe space available for children of any age to come along and have a play while mums do a circuit based workout. Supervised by Exercise Physiologists to ensure you exercise safely and effectively regardless of your current ability or medical history.

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mums and bubs classes your body hub

Class & Coffee (10:1)

Break a sweat with a 30-minute exercise class.

Then take time out after the class with a coffee downstairs at Chelle’s Soulfoods Cafe!

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coffee and class

Timetable and Pricing

Please view our pricing for each class here: Pricing

See our timetable by clicking the here: Timetable


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We take pride in getting to know each client and develop a customised treatment plan to achieve your health goals.

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